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Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast

Feb 5, 2018

In this inaugural episode of an Anime Podcast, Andrew sits down with Bcom from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Podcast, Mandi and Kat from the AAA Discord and Brains from the Trash Pandas Watch Anime Podcast to discuss their impressions on the Anime of the Winter 2018 Season.

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s] Intro
[0h04m27s] Violet Evergarden
[0h25m16s] Citrus
[0h41m47s] After The Rain
[0h57m54s] Darling in the FranXX
[1h15m04s] A Place Further Than The Universe
[1h28m36s ] Devilman: Crybaby
[1h37m25s] More Winter Anime 2018 (Cardcaptor Sakura, Pop Team Epic, Kokkoku, Laid Back Camp, Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens, Ito Junji Collection)
[2h12m40s] Pretty Boy Block (Dame X Prince Anime Caravan, IDOLiSH7 and Sanrio Boys)
[2h26m57s] Winter Anime 2018 Speed Round
[2h32m52s] Killing Bites
[2h36m29s] Season 2s and The Loli Block
[2h43m20s] Outro and Info

You can follow the hosts on Twitter:
Andrew: @frigimonfanatic
Bcom: @bcom33
Mandi: @sarquindi01
Kat: N/A
Brains: @TPWABrains

You can find more info on the show on the website:
Twitter: @goattcast

You can find more info for Nerdom and Other Nonsense on Twitter @nerdomandother

You can find more info on the Trash Pandas Watch Anime Podcast on their website:
You can also find them on twitter @trashpandaanime

We are also on iTunes, just type Geeking Out At The Tower Podcast, Trash Pandas Watch Anime Podcast or Nerdom and Other Nonsense Podcast in the search bar.