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Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

Andrew has a few conversations with his friends Bcom (from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Anime Podcast) and Mandi (from the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast). With Bcom he talks about a bunch of the anime that Bcom watched in 2019 that wasn't from 2019 and with Mandi they have a SPOILER heavy short discussion on Hunter x Hunter. Andrew talks about the current Super Sentai, Kirameiger, and what anime he just started watching. Also, he wants you to watch Hamilton. Enjoy! 

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s] Intro 
[0h10m46s] Main Topic Part - Bcom Convo
[0h38m55s] Main Topic Part - Mandi Convo
[1h23m41s] Outro and Info

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Episode Topics:
Anime, Hunter x Hunter, Haibane Renmei, Millenium Actress, Nichijou, Lain, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Anne of Green Gables, Fate Zero, Shield Hero, Wiseman's Granchild, Fire Force, Kakegurui, BLM, Kirameiger, Hamilton, Brand New Animal